The Offers Tab

The Offers Tab

    1. MPS Offers

    2. Everybody receives these offers (include dailies, weeklies, and monthlies).


    1. Private Offers

    1. There are two flavors of Private offers.
    1. Internal: These are offers that require you to visit different MyPointSaver pages for 15 or more seconds. Everybody receives these offers but quantity depends on personal score.
    1. External: These are offers that require you to visit 3rd party websites for 15 or more seconds. 3rd party vendors decide which users get these offers (via data filtering using poll results, demographic information, quality score, etc.).


  1. Mega Offers

    1. These offers reward the most. They require much more effort, but the payout is well worth it. Everybody receives Mega Offers, however, different regions (ex. USA) will receive more than others. 


  1. Achievements

    1. To complete these lofty goals, you will need to complete several offers. Achievements come in four different reward levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.



An open offer looks like:





And a completed offer looks like:




To maximize your points you will need to complete offers (simply click the GOLD COIN icon to collect your points).  After completing an offer, your Personal Score will increase, which in turn, increases the Value of the offer.



  1. There are several different offers available:

  1. Answer Poll: Go to Polls and answer some questions.

  1. Wishlist Product: Go to the MARKETPLACE – find a product you like – click the wishlist icon (STAR).




Thumbs Up/Down Votes: Go to the MARKETPLACE – find a product you like/dislike – click thumbs up/down.




Rate Products: Go to the MARKETPLACE – find a product you like – click the product image – scroll to the bottom – click Reviews – type in your review.


NOTE: Reviews can be up-voted (POINT GAIN) or down-voted (POINT LOSS). Since rating reviews dramatically affects your Scratch Card points, we highly suggest leaving well written, informative, and helpful reviews.





Vote on Comments: Go to Recent Reviews & Discussions – find a product – click the product image – scroll to the bottom – click Reviews – rate other user’s reviews.


NOTE: All review ratings are internally monitored for spamming (ex. users that get caught constantly up-voting / down-voting reviews, in an attempt to maximize or minimize a person’s points, will have their accounts banned).






Offers Key



QTY: Number of times you need to do the task

Value: Number of points you will earn when completing the task.

Point: Type of point you will receive.

Task Link: This link will either take you to:  a) The relevant section on this help page; b) A Private Offer link where you must stay for the indicated time (usually 15 seconds).

Expiry: The date that the offer must be completed by. If not, the offer will be removed.