First Off - Why Do I Want Tokens?


Once you earn 5 tokens, you get to spin our WHEEL OF PRIZES for a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards, MPS Points, and Scratch Card Points.

Accumulating tokens is extremely important, as it’s the #1 Method for maximizing your Gift Card earnings. There are many ways to earn tokens (most of them do not cost you a cent) – see below.

As a bonus, we will also provide hints about optimizing your token earning efforts.


Method 1: 5-Level Referral Program


You earn referrals when users join our site using your special REFERRAL LINK (which is included inside).

What’s so special? Well, we have a 5-LEVEL REFERRAL PROGRAM which has INCREDIBLE earning opportunity. This means you earn Tokens for your own efforts, your referral’s efforts, and your referral’s referral’s efforts… 5 TIERS DEEP!!!

Jump inside and play around on our TOKEN CALCULATOR to simulate your earning potential.

You can SHARE your Referral Link in many different ways:
1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
2. Emails (you can also include it in your email signature)
3. Blogs & Forums


Method 2: Mega Offers


If completed regularly, you can earn a SIGNIFICANT SIDE INCOME by simply completing Mega Offers!

Here are the Primary Benefits:
1. For every Mega Offer completed, you earn TOKENS.
2. For every Mega Offer completed by one of your referrals (5 Tiers deep), you earn BONUS TOKENS.
3. Earn up to 500,000 MPS points and 10 Tokens daily for simply WATCHING VIDEOS!!!
4. Once 3 Mega Offers are completed, you start receiving up to 100 daily Private Offers (which gives you the opportunity to earn 100,000+ MPS Points each day). And on top of that, each Private Offer will start rewarding Tokens!

To Summarize: MEGA OFFERS = TOKENS = SPINS = Amazon Gift Cards


Method 3: Private Offers


Simply complete 3 Mega Offers and we will flood your Private Offer section with EXTREME EARNING potential by doing the following:

1. Delivering up to 100 daily Token Private Offers
2. Activating your Token Private Offers to reward tokens upon completion
3. Rewarding an additional 5 Bonus Tokens for each Token Private Offer purchase