How To Earn Tokens

First Off - Why Do I Want Tokens?


Once you earn 5 tokens, you get to spin our WHEEL OF PRIZES for a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards, MPS Points, and Scratch Card Points.

Accumulating tokens is extremely important, as it’s the #1 Method for maximizing your Gift Card earnings. There are many ways to earn tokens (most of them do not cost you a cent) – see below.

As a bonus, we will also provide hints about optimizing your token earning efforts.


Method 1: 5-Level Referral Program


You earn referrals when users join our site using your special REFERRAL LINK (which is included inside).

What’s so special? Well, we have a 5-LEVEL REFERRAL PROGRAM which has INCREDIBLE earning opportunity. This means you earn Tokens for your own efforts, your referral’s efforts, and your referral’s referral’s efforts… 5 TIERS DEEP!!!

Jump inside and play around on our TOKEN CALCULATOR to simulate your earning potential.

You can SHARE your Referral Link in many different ways:
1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
2. Emails (you can also include it in your email signature)
3. Blogs & Forums


Method 2: Mega Offers


If completed regularly, you can earn a SIGNIFICANT SIDE INCOME by simply completing Mega Offers!

Here are the Primary Benefits:
1. For every Mega Offer completed, you earn TOKENS.
2. For every Mega Offer completed by one of your referrals (5 Tiers deep), you earn BONUS TOKENS.
3. Once 3 Mega Offers are completed, you start receiving up to 100 daily Private Offers (which gives you the opportunity to earn 100,000+ MPS Points each day). And on top of that, each Private Offer will start rewarding Tokens!

To Summarize: MEGA OFFERS = TOKENS = SPINS = Amazon Gift Cards


Method 3: Private Offers


Simply complete 3 Mega Offers and we will flood your Private Offer section with EXTREME EARNING potential by doing the following:

1. Delivering up to 100 daily Token Private Offers
2. Activating your Token Private Offers to reward tokens upon completion
3. Rewarding an additional 5 Bonus Tokens for each Token Private Offer purchase