Mission Statement


MyPointSaver is the Premier Rewards Program that gives users points for participating in over 50 FREE site activities. Points can be spent on Scratch Card Tickets, Auctions, Sweepstakes tickets and our Wheel of Prizes.

Our Mission is to provide our users with the highest earning, most exciting & enjoyable experience possible.

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Free Monthly Sweepstakes Entries


One click of the button and you’re entered into our Monthly Giveaways ranging from $10 to $200. Best of Luck!

Non-Stop Auctions


Our Gift Card Auctions are a Fun & Exciting way to make use of your Loyalty Points. Running Daily!

Scratch Card Heaven


An absolute Crowd Favorite!  Play our enticing Scratch Cards for a chance to win extra Loyalty Points.

Site Wide Recognition


Get recognized for all your site achievements. Open a Platinum Chest to score 50k points? Just become a MyPointSaver member? Win a Sweepstakes? We will announce your accomplishments on our Twitter account, News Feed, Leaderboards, Winners Circle, and Comments section.

Unique Private Offers


We developed an incredible system for point enthusiasts looking to optimize earning potential. You simply visit our partner websites for 15s or more, and we reward you with large sums of Scratch Card points!

Join the Premier Rewards Program Now!

Signup is 100% Free. It’s Quick & Easy with No Risk, No Catch, and No Credit Card required.

Innovative Loyalty Program


Site participation is very important to us, so we reward you with Loyalty Points for almost everything you do. From Browsing & Product Ratings, to entering Bonus Codes & playing Scratch Cards.

Quality Graded Point System


We believe that the best members should receive the biggest rewards – so we developed a Personal Score algorithm. Increasing your personal score is easy: Simply leave Honest & Helpful Reviews, Engage in Site Activities, and Fairly Rate Member Comments. The amount of points you collect from Offers & Goals is directly proportional to your Personal Score rating.

Superb Product Selection


We only list the Hottest, Most Popular, and Most Desired products from across the web. On MyPointSaver, you will have immediate access to the Electronics, Clothes, Toys, and Games that everyone is raving about!

Wishlist Simplicity


An absolute must for any Online Shop. Our wishlist allows you to store all your favorite products in one spot for as long as you need, so that you can build that holiday wishlist all year long!!

Price Drop Notifications


When you add a product to your wishlist, we start monitoring the price for you.  And when the price drops, you get notified immediately so that you can cash in on the savings! And trust us, product prices fluctuate constantly.

Join the Premier Rewards Program Now!

Signup is 100% Free. It’s Quick & Easy with No Risk, No Catch, and No Credit Card required.

Deal of the Day


Each day we scour the Hot Deals section to find the Most Heavily Discounted product.  And every day is different. Once found, you get all the information delivered directly to you in a Nice Tidy email.  We hope you enjoy the Massive Savings!

Birthday Freebies


If it’s your birthday, then these 15+ Freebies will brighten your day. Check them out before they expire!

Unbiased Reviews


Leave a positive review or a negative review – it’s all good. You get the same # points from us either way. And since we do not own or sell any products, we have no incentive to promote fake reviews. Your Honest Opinion is what matters to us!

Personalized Marketplace


Each product has a ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Thumbs Down’ button that is used to build an interest profile for your account. After 50+ votes, your personalized marketplace will contain a highly targeted selection of products that fit your interests.

Leaderboard Competitions


We run an ongoing Leaderboard that shows which users are contributing the most & best content. This is a great way to receive respect & recognition from within the MyPointSaver community.

Join the Premier Rewards Program Now!

Signup is 100% Free. It’s Quick & Easy with No Risk, No Catch, and No Credit Card required.

Mini Social Network


Each member has their own personal profile in which they can: Modify Images, Manage Privacy Settings, Make Friendship Requests, Send Private Messages, etc.

Exciting News Feed


Quickly find out what’s happening on MyPointSaver. From Gift Card Wins to New Members, we keep you up-to-date with all the interesting and exciting news.

Money Saving Blog


Read & engage with articles relevant to the deal hunting community. Save money and time!

Site Security


Your personal information is kept Safe and Secure, and will never be distributed to 3rd parties.

Ads Relevant to your Interests


Our ads have your interests in mind, and they also help fund additional Gift Card giveaways!

Simple, yet Stylish


We made this site very straight forward & simple to use while maintaing a ‘New Age’ look that is easy on the eyes.

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